Book cover challenge Day7 / ブックカバーチャレンジ 7日目


The last #anneofgreengables !
For me, these 11 Anne books are one ‘Anne of Green Gables’ book!
I met this book at 12 years old and have read over and over. I can say this makes 90% of me, and these are precious books for me.

It’s not too much to say that this book has everything important and cherish in our life.
Since her childhood, as a student, teacher, marriage, education of her children, to watching her children grown. Some adventures and people around her.
Anne is always has humor and ‘Blithe’, but as she lost one of her sons at WW1, she had to face inevitable sadness.
However, there is she that she tries not to lose tender smile.

Especially, one of my favorite is ‘Anne of Avonlea’ .
If you can’t feel sympathy with ‘Anne of Green Gables’, please try to read this book.
It’s very fresh as mint leaf, fun and beautiful story!
Besides, one more wonderful thing is amazing translation by Muraoka Hanako.
Every words and how to tell is suitable and beautiful.
I read English original, but I feel the expression of these images are right sometimes.
So I consider about each expression of difference between Japanese and English. 
E.g. ‘What a splendid day!’
In Japanese, there are many types to say this expression.
Adding men or women’s style at the end, or exclamation. 
However, it’s very difficult to express these Japanese difference in English.
But the impression of these are difficulty.
Meaning of words will be different by how to speak, and it’s very difficult to show in written words.
The different option in Japanese like this may support the expression, I guess.
They said Japanese has many varieties of expressions, like onomatopoeia. 
Japanese words try hard to express image exactly more looks amazing part of Japanese.
This is marvelous book, anyway.