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Education / 教育について

この投稿をInstagramで見る @amaguri_art2がシェアした投稿 ...
France / フランス

Memory of Marseille / マルセイユの思い出

※日本語は英語の下に記載。 These days, I have remembered memories about where I traveled before. In May 2 years ago...
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Good books for learning Politics /おススメの政治学入門書

※日本語は英語の下。 Today, I want to introduce a few books. This is "What is Politics?" by Bernard Crick, who was a Bri...
Art / アート

Midnight In Paris and Essays in Idleness / 徒然草とミッドナイト・イン・パリ

※日本語は英語の下に記載しています。 This is the continuation of last post. At that time, when I remembered "Mononoaware", it remined ...
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Parenting and Technology Progress / 子育てと技術進歩について

Last month, I had some opportunity to being a babysitter. A baby boy (A half year old) has fine battery and likes up...