Good books for learning Politics /おススメの政治学入門書


Today, I want to introduce a few books.

This is “What is Politics?” by Bernard Crick, who was a British scholar of Politics.

I studied about Politics at university and especially learned about Politics of USA and Globalism. I said “learned” but I feel it was not enough indeed so much, still now.

Recently, I was wondering if my professors are doing well, and checked web site of university. I said “Oh, I remember these classes.” in my mind while I look at, my eyes stopped at my professor Tomio Akimoto’s profile. There is this sentence. “I would like to introduce some words by Bernard Crick, a typical scholar of British Politics. ‘Politics and love is unique objects that make binding people freely possible'”.

Professor Akimoto taught my introduction for Politic class when I was a 1st grade and he studies British Politics mainly. I had to choose which course I take when I was 3rd grade, and I was interested in Politics itself a lot but I was interested in Global Politics more so I got his class when I was a 1st grade only.
I couldn’t remember at all if I heard this words from him at that time, maybe I might not have focused on his talking.😅, but his class is always fun and I got interesting learning in it a lot.

Once, many years ago, I found an European poetry said quote kind of “Politics and love is unique required objects in the world” and this was remarkable so stays in my head still now. I got to want to know about Mr. Crick more then started to search.

His name is Bernard Crick and according to wikipedia, they said as below.

Sir Bernard Rowland Crick (16 December 1929 – 19 December 2008)[1] was a British political theorist and democratic socialist whose views can be summarised as “politics is ethics done in public”. He sought to arrive at a “politics of action”, as opposed to a “politics of thought” or of ideology, and he held that “political power is power in the subjunctive mood.”[2] He was a leading critic of behaviouralism.

It made me to have more interests in reading his books and searched them in internet so I found a nice book. This is “What it Politics?”.
I read once, this is amazing, really amazing so far!✨
I read postscript also, I understood he is a great scholar in Politic studying. Especially, his Citizenship is very remarkable.
What the best of this book is, this tells about Politics easily to understand as liberal arts  but doesn’t as studying looked like hard subject. This book is not like telling summery with technical terms only, but this describes what Politics is, about its history and present issues as easy to understand. This is not for scholars but students or whom has interests in Politics just now. So you can understand why Politics is needed.
To say more, you will understand what the issues are and what is needed for today’s society.

This book is thin paperback so it won’t take much time to read. 
In fact, you may find difficult definitions and terms although this is written with fewer technical terms than other books. Even me, I have many things not to understand enough. But if we read it again and again with checking the terms, it will be more understandable. This is a good part of books that we can read over and over!🤩
I have been thinking for a long, I think Politics has been looked as studying too much for a long time and hasn’t been looked as common topics. But it has to be common in fact.

This book is easy to understand for beginning! So please try to read this once!

In addition, I’m thinking about describing this contents by each section, as for my learning. Try to read them once, if so.😄

Bernard Crick wrote more books, not only this.

This is written in English and thin paperback. This introduces summery of Democracy. Now, I’m struggling to read this, so I would like to describe this when I finished to read.💦

Then one more book.
This is textbook of my seminar when I was at 3rd grade.

This is “The Challenge of Global Capitalism, the world economy in the 21th century” by Robert Gilpin.
My seminar’s Professor Masahiro Fukushima studies about Globalism and I heard this author’s name in many times at his class. Robert Gilpin is one of authority scholars in International Politics. This book was written about 10 years ago, but this contents matches present so well. You will understand present world issues better with this book. Economy and Politics are a couple, can’t separate. Then it can be said economy is the root of any issues of the world, plus to manage the rules and make a good valance for economy is function of Politics. This book is not thin and a little hard to read but I’m going to describe about it if I have more opportunities.

Professor Fukushima’s class was also fun very much and I got good learning in his class a lot! He has good studying about Mahathir, the former prime minister of Malesia, and talk about his staying in Malesia was so interesting!😆

Because I met these two professors, I got to learn about two types of Political studying ideas, one is British, study as idea and another one is American, studying as science. These two idea is important for both and as if I say as Bernard Crick, it is not important to say which is right and it is important to lead the solutions depending on the situations, I believe.
To say more, this Politics idea’s roots come from France, other European countries and Rome. There is no end to learning because the subjects are too many…💦But it is the easiest to get to know from where you are.😀
These two are very charming and great professors for me. I have met a few times since I was graduated from university and get contacts still now thankfully. They are really great teachers. I hope to see them soon again.
Anyway, I really hope this covid and situation get better soon.

FYI: My professors page are below.
Tomio Akimoto : Tokai University Department Politics of Politics and Economy
Masahiro Fukushima : He retired from university from 3 years ago, so web site is not available now but he continues his studying still now. He has twitter so please check it! He shares hot topics that it is needed to know. (Sometime, you will find cats news, because he loves cats!😸)
These books are available in Amazon.























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