Parenting and Technology Progress / 子育てと技術進歩について

Last month, I had some opportunity to being a babysitter. A baby boy (A half year old) has fine battery and likes up high, it’s good anyway but my battery was not enough sometime.😅
Then, while I did baby-sitting, an idea came up in my mind for a moment, parenting itself is not different so much from old era. Or rather, today’s one must be easier than before. However, perhaps, how tough they feel may be increased more, I wondered.
Because the works in general that were hard before became easy by the progress of technology and services. Our life become convince. But on the other hand, our functions that we have used for them don’t get to be used. In other words, the degeneration of function.
Sometime, I hear an idea, that the present people is degenerating. I wonder while the technology progress, the people may degenerate.
However, I don’t think the parenting situation at present is not enough. Support by government and local area is needed more, I suppose.
But the progress of technology may work negative in some part and it may help to being alone too much then make hard to have communication, I suppose.
Why population declines in the advanced countries, what they call (I don’t like that name), may be related to the progress of technology like today? I wonder too much?
How the future is, when present children grow up?
In far future, AI may do parenting mainly? The school is online only?
If so, can they learn true love and friendship?
If not, what is the meaning of existence which world has people don’t know true love and friendship only?
I know, I think the point is how to use this technology after all.
A traditional Japanese word, “Mononoaware”, I think it means sense of beautiful life, passed through in my head.