Memory of Marseille / マルセイユの思い出


These days, I have remembered memories about where I traveled before.

In May 2 years ago, I traveled alone in France for about 3 weeks. It may sound I m kind of gorgeous, I really thank heaven for having traveled, but I have never had long off since I graduated from university. The longest off was 5 days.

I was excited because it was a first time to have a long travel. Besides, it’s France! I love musicals very much as crazy for, and when I watched ‘Funny Face’ at university student era made me admire to visit Paris someday.😆(I love Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, also!😍)3 years ago, it was a first time to travel in Paris and stayed for 1 week but it was not enough to see Paris so I have been hoping to visit again. For this reason, I chose to work as temporary at only that time.

At first, I planned to watch Paris only but I changed my mind to visit South France also because it was very great opportunity. For 4 days in the middle of weeks, I stayed in South France.

From Avignon, I visited Arles, Provence, Marseille and around there. Every place was wonderful and hope to visit again, but Marseille was remarkable place especially. Marseille is a port city and has cruise tour to Calanques, the beautiful seashore and a magnificent cathedral, Basilique de Notre-Dame de la Garde.

One of my main France travel plan is to visit cathedrals and churches in each cities. Even in a small town, there is a church and I feel its history and memories.

In Marseille, this cathedral is very famous and it is related to sea. On the top of the tower, there is a statue of Madonna and Child and they face to the sea. They watch over this city and ships out at the sea. 

From the cathedral, you can see whole of the sea and city. This is the oldest port. I love sea and port city.

Whenever I go to sea, I remember my grand father. In my childhood, I went and played at local beach in every summer holidays. Besides, my grand father went to WWⅡ as a navy when he was a high or university student. I have never heard about the war from him when he lived. I think something made me to hesitate to ask or I didn’t ask.
Once, I have heard about it from my mother. He was on a ship as a navy, some incendiary bombs flied over in midnight, but it dropped next to his room and his room was saved.

I haven’t heard except this story but I may have felt it is enough to know about it.
About the war, I learned at class, with books, movies and so on. I have visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki as school trip, also. Not only about Japan, but also other countries.
I can imagine. And it is terrible ever. I can’t find any other words to explain this.

Then I feel like my chest shrink tightly when I imagine his feeling at the moment. Perhaps, his next room may be a warehouse. It’s not sure.
He was being of difficult sometimes, but I love my grand father. Still now, I have worried if I made him happy till his last day.

I always remember my grand parents and when I go to the sea, I remember him more. I felt like taking him to travel, kind of. Because of this reason, maybe, I wonder if he watch same views while I travel. Especially at the sea.
So, at this moment, I took a walk in the cathedral in Marseille with this feeling.

I visited a souvenir shop at the cathedral and chose medal, médaille. Then I met a very kind staff there. A madam looked very lovely. She helped me to choose medal and I told I’m from Japan. By chance, she had a friend in Japan and started to talk about her friend, but she stopped to talk suddenly. I wondered if she is fine, but she continued to talk hardly. Her friend was a girl like university student and her pen pal so sent letters to each others , but one day, her parents gave letter to her and it said she past away. She seemed to have a serious disease. It was many years ago, but she said she can’t forget her friend still now.

When I heard that story, I couldn’t stop my tears out and we both shed tears at the counter.  (A woman next to her looked us with frowning like “What’s happened?”😌)

Her memory is not same as about my grand father, but I felt we shared same emotion at that time. I can’t find words to explain well, but I felt happy to share something or understand each others.

Then I talked about Japan and my hometown, now we get in touch via mail since I backed to Japan. I’m worrying about France not only Japan. And also all over the world.

Not only COVID,  but also there are so many issues in the world present. Too many. Of economy, environment, discrimination, IT and so on. Still now, some wars exist. I hate war. The things that are related to, also. No one likes wars I believe. But I feel so strong whenever I remember my grand father. So I believe we never have to do that again. So we have to have hard efforts to sustain peace. Because our grand parents generations, not only in Japan but also other countries, had hard effort for it, we have now, I suppose. So we don’t have to waist it, I believe. Have to save goodness and change the world better.

Anyway, that meeting was a miracle. I will meet her again!💖
Not only this, but also France has lovely things a lot and there are great friends, so I want to visit there again! Besides, I hope many to travel in Japan again. So I really hope we could improve COVID and this situation soon.
About my diary of this visiting is here.



こんな長期旅行は初めてでワクワクしていました。しかもフランス!私はミュージカルが大好きなのですが、大学生の時に「Funny Face」を見て以来、いつかパリにも行ってみたいと憧れてました。😆(フレッド・アステアとオードリー・ヘプバーンも素敵!!😍)3年前に初めてフランスに行ったのですが、1週間とパリを見るには全く足りなかったので、また行きたいと思っていました。そのために、その時だけは短期派遣の仕事を選んでいました。