My dear friend’s art


This is My friend’s reproduction.
Her painting and idea always inspires me.

We have been friend for 13 years before.
We met on skype when we looked for someone to practice English.

I was a university student and she was a high school student.
I live in Japan and she lives in Algeria.
Im a Catholic and she is a Muslim.
She is interested in the world and Japanese culture so much and Im interested in the whole world.
She is very smart and tells me new things.

We talk online always and we haven’t met directory yet but we are best friend each others still now.
We have same spirit and same will.
We love art. We love nature. We love peace. We love friendship. We love good things as ordinary girls. We dream and help each others. Mostly Im cheered by her.😊

We hope to see each others someday!

This picture hit me so I want to share this.
Thank you so much, Yusra.
I really hope to see you!🤗

Stay safe, everyone!

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