Coin laundry in Paris / パリのコインランドリー

This was day 11th of Staying in France.
Till this day, worked around everyday, so had a one-day-off finally… Except coin laundry, I went nowhere.😓
This apartment has no washing machine, so used nearby coin laundry.
In the supermarket, bought Laundry Detergent and prepared changes.


How to use the machines is;
At first, put laundry into the washing machine.➡️put laundry detergent into the center of the space on the washing machine.➡️Choose type of wash. In common choose couleuors(color).


➡️Set coins into the machine of this box. Select number of your machine.➡️Turn on the start button of washing machine. It will be finished in about 45 minutes.


➡️Move laundry to dry machine.➡️Change dry machine’s temperature. The middle is looks good.➡️Set coins into the machine of preview’s picture(Washing machine part). Select number of your machine. ➡️Turn on your dry machine. 6 minutes per one dry. 2 times is best.
Ah, its tough work…😅


FYI: Left picture is note on the dry machine. It means “This laundromat depends on the laundry. The dryers are not self-service; they are available to customers whose laundry has just been washed on site.”. But most dry machines are self-service?, I wondered, but outside of Japan may be different?😅
The right side picture is about washing soap vending machine. But I think the supermarket has more types and cheaper ones.