Art city Paris / アートな街 パリ

Because I came to the city of art, I wanted to visit art supply store, so I went an old antique shop. It is Sennelier and near Louvre museum.

Oil, water painting, pens and about one hundred of pencil for dessin, sketching. The numbers of paper or canvas variety is more, so it was not sure how many they have.
There was supply for Japanese style painting, like natural mineral pigments, blush and china ink.

A conversation, a customer standing near me talked, was heard, and this man sounded to visit here often when he was an university student. He said to the owner ‘We come to France for sightseeing this time and I have wanted to take my daughters here once.’ The owner’s voice sounded very happy and said proudly, ‘It’s really nice to come. I will take you all.’ then he left the grand floor with them.

This shop was founded since 120 years  more and its pastel is very famous.
On the wall, there are full of note that customers from all over the world, tried ink and pens.

Town=people, they called, and I think so, indeed.

The souls that the people have make the town. Longer its history is, more their souls soak into the town.

The city where the souls of artists unknown are living in. It is Paris. I feel so.






街=ひと と言うが、本当にそう思う。



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