Straight No Chaser live in Paris 2018!


In Paris, France

This is Straight no chaser, American acapella boy band. They sing Pop, Rock and Ballad with only their voices! Also they arrange songs by themselves and make original song. So creative they are!
Besides they dance and have fun joking talk, all of their performance is fantastic and the greatest entertainment!✨

I found them by chance on YouTube about 10 years ago, and soon after I listened to their music, I fallen love and became a fan!😍
Since then, I made their Japanese fan site by my own and advertise them! (I haven’t updated it these years, but I plan to renewal its site.😅)

I have been waiting for their concert for a long time and finally met them!😍
Every members are friendly and nice. I said I came from Japan and made their site by my own, then they were very surprised!😆
Then I asked, “Please come to Tokyo!!!”, so “We have been wanted to go there! But we don’t know if there are fans or not. But we will go next time!” they said!!!!!
I got nervous too much and speak just an half of what I wanted to say, and I couldn’t believe that I met them in real, still now!
Everyone is really nice guys!

The staffs of SNC and theater were so nice. I booked VIP ticket but it was canceled because of system error, and found it on that day. However they prepared my sheet and they moved me to the first row because its sheet became vacant!🥺
Besides I was late to arrive because I got lost at metro but the staff at the ticket window said me “Don’t need to be rush! Take it easy!” with a big smile! (Besides she was so beautiful!😆)
It was the best acapella concert ever! I will meet them again!😍

I upped concert movies in Instagram. You can watch them on YouTube, also! Check my blog top or here.

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Straight No Chaser Official Site:

Dear Straight No Chaser,
Thank you so much, gentle men!!!
Straight no chasers is super awesome!!!
Really really come to Japan next time, please!!!
So sorry for being late to up my movies!🙏

Straight no chaser というアカペラのバンドで、ポップ、ロックからバラードまで全部声だけ!そして曲のアレンジも彼ら自身で編集してしまうし、オリジナルソングも作っちゃう!クリエイティブすぎる!


最高のライブでした!また会いに行 きます!😍

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