A chic gentleman and restaurant in Paris / パリの通りの粋なおじさま・お店

Flea Market at Rue de Maubeuge
フリーマッケット at モーボウジュ通り

Stopped at record shop, the owner, old man, played his guitar.
I said “Nice playing!”, he replied “So I will play ‘Pretty Woman for you.” and played it kindly.😍(Oh, This is France!😆) Finally, I bought 3 records for souvenir. But it was only 15 euros, so it was good shopping!? Anyway, the owner was so lovely and I heard he plays music at the club sometime, so I want to visit there next!✨

「いい演奏ですね!」って言ったら、「じゃあ、君のために’Pretty Woman’を弾いてあげるよ!」って言って演奏してくれた。😍(さすが、フランス!😆) 最終的にお土産として3枚の古レコードを購入。それでも全部で15ユーロだからお得じゃないかな?! とにかくお店のご主人が素敵でした。たまにクラブで演奏してるって聞いたから、今度はそのお店にも行ってみたい!✨

It begun raining, so I had lunch.

Ate Portuguese cuisine. It was like fried cod and baked at oven. Tasted salty and it was nice with lemon juice.

The owner of the restaurant was very friendly, too and “You come from Japan! These are Todays recommend!😆”, then he was very charming elder man.
According to the owner, a person eat this cod dish always before he travels to Japan for his business.😲 Of course, the dessert was creme bluree. I love it as I make it by myself, so compare anywhere I go.😄 Here, it was nice, too.

I found a dog who waited his master quietly at the cafe terrace in the raining. He was courageous.😌 


このレストランのオーナーさんもとても気さくで、「日本から来たのか!今日はこれがオススメ!😆」とか、とてもチャーミングなおじいさまでした。オーナーさんによればによれば、いつも日本に出張に行くひとが、毎回注文するらしい。😲 もちろんデザートはクレームブリュレ。自分で作るぐらい大好きなので、あちこちで食べ比べ。😄 ここのも美味しかったです。