Flea Market in Paris / パリのフリーマッケット

Flea Market at Rue de Maubeuge
フリーマッケット at モーボウジュ通り

After the breakfast, went to a Flea Market at Rue de Maubeuge!
According to the local, it is more fun than the famous flea market in Paris, it was really fun!

I can’t help wondering Where this so many people come? and the items at the shop were really variety of tastes.
It looked like there is no special rules for item, so everyone displayed them in their favorite way, and an old sclupture of the Rome style stood next to the PC desk light.
The old general good and records are the real gold for the antique lovers.😆
There were some mysterious folk crafts of African? or South America and next to a worn-out imitation pearl necklace, there was a dessin note, it was looked like owner of the shop’s hobby.

When I look these things, it shows the owner’s personality and life, so it’s very interesting to imagine about them, also.





For Recycle and the items at the shop were really variety of tastes, but I met some unique items that I wondered how to use the one piece of shose anyhow!😅 Old maps and TINTIN Books, so you can feel adventure and romance a lot there!

リサイクルとかで色んな商品が並んでるのだけど、この片方しかない靴たちは一体どう利用するのだろう?!とびっくりな商品にも出くわす。😅 古い地図とかタンタンの絵本とか、冒険とロマンスもいっぱい!