Mr. Roger’s neighborhood / ミスター・ロジャースのご近所さんになろう

Now, there is a documentary program that I want you to watch as soon as possible.

Do you know Mr. Rogers?

If you are or were in USA, you may know it.

He is a host and producer of a program for children, “Mr. Roger’s neighborhood” that have been loved for a lomg time, Mr. Fred Rogers.
When I was about 13 years old and took me to travel in America, I got to know Mr. Roger’s program. I often woke up early, about at 5AM whenever I went traveling,  I changed channels with wondering if they have funny shows.
Then, this is the program that I found by chance.
I didn’t understand English at all, but he shows daily life and stories with movies or puppets.
The most what I remember is this gentle man, Mr. Rogers. He always talked slowly and peacefully with smiling, I didn’t understand what he said, but I felt he is a real good person intuitively.
After that, I always watched this show every morning while I traveled.
At the beginning, the beautiful and gentle melody by piano and music box start always, and Mr. Rogers starts to sing.
Always it begins when he comes from entrance to living room, and Mr. Rogers puts back his jacket into a closet then wears his cardigan, he sits on a sofa. Then still with singing, he changes his shoes to his slippers and sit back, he starts to talk today’s theme.
The puppet show was on air among his talking always, the puppets looked very old, but I felt something nostalgic very much.
Not only Mr. Rogers, but also his neighborhoods come to visit to his home.
Except theme song, he showed many things with singing.
It is very tender and heart warming show indeed. Although, I watched it for a week, but I felt this show is full of love.
I think about this show again, he described what the good communication is, and how we support each others though this show. Besides, the most what he wanted to say is he likes everyone truly, even though there is a screen between us.
After that, I still remember Mr. Rogers in my mind and have missed this show whenever I grow up. Then I wonder if I can watch this show on some internet services now, I tried to search, I found Amazon prime has his documentary program.
After I watched this program, I understood why his show has been in my memory still now and why I liked it.
I didn’t know the details at that time, he talked about “death” and “divorce” etc, some serious topics that is hard to understand for children. Also he cared racism matter.
This show was on air in every morning from 1968 to 2001. Sadly, Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003, but his words has powerful meaning remarks to each hearts still now.
Now it is available to watch past episodes in official web site, also. Not all of the episodes but it seems to be updated every week.
Nowadays, the shows like this are lost, it makes me to feel saad.
I hope you to watch this documentary program because of today’s era. There is something same regardless
At least, please watch it now!


皆さんはMr. Rogersを知っていますか?

彼はアメリカの子供向け人気長寿番組、「Mr. Roger’s neighborhood」の司会者であり、製作者である、Fred Rogersです。
Mr. Rogers(ロジャースさん)の番組を知ったのは恐らく13才くらいの頃、たまたまアメリカ旅行に連れていってもらった時に知りました。旅行の時になると、朝5時くらいから目が覚めて、アメリカの子供番組で何か面白いのあるかなと、ホテルのテレビをチャカチャカ替えていました。
中学生以降も、ロジャースさんのことはずっと記憶にあって、年齢が上がるにつれて、この番組が懐かしくなりました。今だったらどこかのネットサービスで見れるかもと思い、調べてみた所、Amazon primeでドキュメンタリーを見つけました。
Amazon 日本 のprime配信は11月7日までですので、ぜひ今日にでも見てみてください!