Meet new music Kora / 新しい音楽への出会い コラ(コーラ)

Portland, Oregon
ポートランド オレゴン州



When I left the Grotto, I found a kora concert by chance and watched it.
Kora is African Stringed instrument that looks like a guitar and plays like a harp. It sounds like a harp and very beautiful.
The kora player is Will Dudley who had training in Africa. His play was really great!

Will Dudley

This concert title is ‘2020 Summer Musical Travel Series’ and was held at the Grotto every weekend.
The organizer is Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa and was the host of this concert. He also organizes ‘CASA DELLA ZISA COLLEGIUM MUSICA’, a music education group and has held this event as a volunteer without charge because he wants the many to know the world by music.
I also love music so much so I agree very much with his will. Then I was impressed by his words at the end of the concert, “Music has many languages”. One instrument but different sounds, it has by the musicians and harps have different types of harp in Africa, Europe, Asia, North&South America and Oceania. But they have unique sounds and are very attractive. But the more attractive point of music is that the sounds and senses make it possible to communicate with others even if their languages are not the same. So music can be the good first step to know the world and other cultures, I think.
Music makes it possible to understand and be in good connection with each other. It was a really wonderful concert!
Besides, I got to know another small music concert was planned and Dr. Zisa’s wife is Japanese, then met them a few days later and we had tea and talked a lot. What the surprise!
But in my case, music is something to start or turning points, I remember. Good music guide in a good way, I believe. So I also love to say thank you for the music.
Dr. Zisa teaches guitar also and you can have online lessons so if you like, please try to check it. 🙂

Peter Joseph Zisa



Will Dudleyさんというコーラ奏者でアフリカでも修行されてたそうです。とても素晴らしい演奏でした!

このコンサートは2020 Summer Musical Travel Seriesと言って、the Grottoで毎週末行われていたようです。
主催者はDr. Peter Joseph Zisaさんと言う音楽博士の方で、このコンサートの司会をされていました。この方は’CASA DELLA ZISA COLLEGIUM MUSICA’という音楽教育団体の主催者でもあり、音楽を通して、世界を知ってほしいと意志のもと、無料でこのイベントを開催されてるとのことでした。

わたしも音楽が大好きなので、とても共感。それとDr. Zisaさんがコンサートの終わりの挨拶で仰っていたのが「音楽にも沢山の言語がある。」同じ楽器でも演奏家によって、音は全然違うし、同じハープでもアフリカ・ヨーロッパ・アジア・南米・オセアニアに様々な種類のハープが存在します。でもみんなそれぞれ個性があって、魅力的です。でも音楽の面白い所は、例え言葉が違っても、音として、感覚として伝わり、通じ合えることだと思います。だからこそ、世界を知る、他の文化を知るにはとても良い最初の一歩になるのだと思います。音楽はお互いを理解してつなげることを可能にしてくれると思います。本当に素敵なコンサートでした!

そしてさらに別の小さな音楽サロンも開催予定で、たまたまDr. Zisaさんの奥様が日本人だと伺い、この数日後にご夫妻とお茶させていただき、色々お話することができました!なんという偶然!


Dr. Zisaさんはギターの先生でもあり,オンラインでも指導が受けられるそうなので良かったらぜひサイトをチェックしてみてください。